Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga helps alleviate pain, tension, and discomfort in the body caused by daily activity, work environment, stress and/or injury.

Therapeutic Yoga sessions are hands-on, private sessions typically performed on a yoga mat, seated and standing. In each session we will:

  • Explore subtle movements that recondition your body to move naturally.
  • Stabilize your joints to decrease pain and dysfunction.
  • Gain more strength, mobility and flexibility through subtle, mindful movements.
  • Bring attention to your compensation patterns to reduce strain on your body.
  • Develop awareness of the whispers of the body before pain develops.
  • Change perspective to understand that less effort may be more effective in revealing your body’s natural sense of ease.


As a Therapeutic Yoga practitioner and yoga instructor, I believe that, unlike the mind, the body speaks truth. In these sessions, we learn how to listen to its wisdom.

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