I have been practicing with Rita for about 8 months. I was new to the whole yoga world and like many people in this world, i was concerned about being new in the “competitive environment of healthy life style”. Well… I was totally wrong! It was not a competitive environment like a gym, it was the opposite. Everyone in class was friendly, fun to be around and no judgement. No one tried to show off that they are better than me, which was a great relief for a beginner. As for actual class, Rita made me understand something: it is not about perfection, it is about breath, its about being in the moment, being present.Yes, everything comes with practice. Today, we are making a step, tomorrow we’ll make two. Accept your limitations and work from there not from a picture you have in your mind that you need to achieve as goal. Rita made me understand that by accepting my limitations i am progressing. Related to the yoga practice, is meditation practice. Every class starts and ends with a part where we are invited to center ourselves, to come to stillness and focus again on the breath, on being present in the moment. I have to say, that for a beginner, Rita’s class was a wonderful introduction to yoga, to new friends, to a better understanding and acceptance of myself. Thank you, Rita!!! – Raz

My yoga teacher is listed in my phone as “Rita Yoga”. It’s as though her last name is Yoga and she has earned that name. Rita seems to always find those stretching and strengthening movements that I need at that moment. There’s a reason she fills all her classes. She is in tune with us and our yoga needs! – Judy

Inner Light Yoga…such an awesome experience!!! The atmosphere is always inviting and welcoming and you will leave feeling refreshed and fulfilled. I have issues with my hips and shoulders and since I started practicing at Inner Light Yoga, there has been a significant improvement both in my range of motion and pain level. RITA IS THE BEST!!! She’s personable, pleasant and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during practice, whether as a beginner or a pro. – Colleen

Inner Light Yoga is a great studio. The teachers are very knowledgeable and teach us to build our own awareness. The people that attend are kind and supportive, making practicing a pleasure with them. Each class teaches us to feel the breath and relax the body. You will leave feeling amazing. I highly recommend this studio to beginners and long term practitioners. – Frank

It’s not difficult to find a yoga studio today. Over the past two decades they have become much more common. Finding one with a truly authentic teacher, someone who embodies real knowledge of yoga, a comforting gentleness in their manner of instruction, and a passion for sharing the experience of peace, flexibility and strength that breath centered mindful movements bring into your life is quite a bit more challenging. Rita is truly that teacher. I first experienced yoga over 20 years ago during a stressful time in my life. What struck me at the time was how amazing I felt at the end of each class regardless of how difficult my day had been. No matter how I felt when I finished work, looking forward to that feeling was enough to motivate me to get myself to class even in the winter when it’s dark and cold and you feel like just hibernating after you get home. My teacher at the time eventually moved away and I was left with no one to guide and inspire my practice. After some time I began looking for another teacher, someone to bring back that experience and even take it further. What I initially found were many what I will call westernized yoga classes which left me feeling like I was in boot camp rather than experiencing authentic yoga. I began to feel that perhaps what I was looking for did not exist in my area. That was until I found” Inner Light Yoga” and Rita. I am most grateful. Nothing says more about a yoga instructor than the quality of human beings they attract as students. The people who study with Rita are diverse in age, background and careers. But as people they are an amazing community, both loyal and grateful to their instructor, as well as caring and compassionate with their fellow students. Rita’s energy is a natural draw for this type of personality. It is not uncommon for many of us to spend time together outside of class. When I first invited my daughter to take class with me she made two comments on the way home. She said “Rita could easily become one of my closest friends” and “I can’t get over how when you talk to the people in class they actually look at you when you are talking and they really listen to what you’re saying.” In an “eyes down” world where being constantly distracted by texting and mobile devices feels normal, Rita’s class is such a refreshing and nurturing environment. But it’s also a lot of fun. It’s not uncommon for there to be laughter during class. Rita encourages that comfort level. – Tom

Therapeutic Yoga with Rita was amazing. A gentle therapy isolating muscles, using breath, intentions and mindfulness. A reminder to myself to be mindful in how we move our bodies. My body felt lighter, stronger and more in balance after 1 session. – Aimee

My therapeutic yoga sessions with Rita helped me to relax my shoulders, be mindful of my body and taught me that less is more. – PR

Having a therapeutic yoga session with Rita was very helpful as I am dealing with a lot of stress. I was able to become more aware of my breathing, my thoughts, and my muscle tension. I was amazed and grateful for our time together, how relaxed I felt afterwards, and for the homework, too! – MK